DS3000 Android Console

DS3000 Android console adopts the original Android 7.1, supports the application expansion based on open Android platform. The device adopts 11.6 inch capacitor screen with 1920*1080 HD resolution, and the shell is made of aluminum alloy. It is suitable for all kinds of audio and video software based on Android and B/S architecture, and realizes multimedia command and scheduling.

DS3000 provides SIP SDK, coordinate with USB camera, it can achieve 1080P video communication. It is suitable for public safety, armed police,energy industry, transportation industry, securityindustry and other dispatching centers.

HD video communication

DS3000 has a 1080P HD camera with a physical private shelter, it supports H.264 encoding technology which achieve HD image transmission.

Humanization design

DS3000 is equipped with professional hinges, which can adjust angle freely according to different scenarios and needs, it was the embodiment of human-centered product design concept.

Provide SIP SDK and hardware development interface

In order to meet the needs of multimedia communication in different industries, we can provide SIP SDK and video library for secondary development for communication system integrators and software developers. It is widely used in command and dispatch, telemedicine, education, transportation and other industries.


Schematic diagram of DS3000 multimedia interface connection